2000 Poma Gondola

2000 Poma Gondola for sale in whole or individual components.

Manufacturer: POMA France
Opened: April 2000
Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia
Operator: Taronga Zoo
Type of cableway: Detachable Grip Aerial Lift
Length of cableway: 450m
Vertical Rise: 60m
Number of gondolas: 21
Max persons capacity: 6 (per gondola)
Max load: 480 kg (per gondola)
Number of stations: 2 (Bottom Drive)
Number of towers: 9
Haul rope Diameter: 40.5mm
Operating speed: 3m/s current (up to 4-5m/s max)
Trip time: 3 – 10 minutes (over speed range)
Hourly guests: 1000 each way
Drive systems: Electric 145 KW (75HP Diesel backup)

The system is still operating and has been maintained in accordance with CSA Z98:19 National Standard of Canada  & Poma Grand Revision Scheme. For more information please contact procurement@zoo.nsw.gov.au