4 – Greek Peak, NY

This lift provides access to Greek Peak East.
The bottom terminal is inside a building.
Drive systems on a moveable carriage.
Riding up the line.
View back down.
Breakover towers.
Unloading area.
The top terminal.
Lower part of the lift line.
Loading area at tower 1.

2 thoughts on “4 – Greek Peak, NY

  1. Northeast Chairlifts January 20, 2021 / 7:57 pm

    Without driving and parking, this lift offers the only access to Lift 5 and it’s terrain, but it’s starting point can sometimes be problematic. To get to this lift, you must ride up Lift 3, which is slow and sometimes has crazy lines, ski down from the top of Lift 2 which does not start from the base, or use a connector trail from Lift 1A which does not have snowmaking and is often closed. If Lift 3 is busy then you’re faced with a 3-lift trip just to get over to the east face


  2. Charles Sawyer May 19, 2021 / 6:51 am

    You can go down karytos from chair 1a then get speed at the bottom then get up as far as you can then do a little bit of hiking. this is what a lot of my fellow locals do. you can also park over at 5 witch is less crowed anyways.


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