Blue – Huff Hills, ND

This was the first chairlift built at Huff Hills.
Equipment came used from Holimont Ski Club in New York.
Drive terminal.
View up the lift line.
The first few towers.
Middle part of the line.
View down the line.
Upper lift line.
Unloading area.
Counterweight behind the top terminal.
Upper terminal.
View from the top.

One thought on “Blue – Huff Hills, ND

  1. The Skiing Stig June 5, 2021 / 6:46 pm

    Nice to see the old expo still living on. I remember riding this lift with one of my parents due to how tight it was for two adults to ride this lift. I also remember the middle of this lift back at holimont that was sagging so badly that it was at best 3 ft off the the ground. Never knew if there was a mid station back at holimont but it sure looked it.


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