Blue – Shames Mountain, BC

In 1990, the community ski area in Terrace, BC was moved to a new, higher location with two lifts making the move. Borvig supplied a new drive terminal and chairs for this Mueller double.
Mueller top station and unloading ramp at tower 15.
View from the summit.
Lattice towers and Borvig chairs.
View up at tower 9.
Middle section of the long lift line.
Lower lift line.
Drive-tension station in the base area.
This lift likely runs on electricity from a nearby generator.
Loading area.
Tower 3 with added lifting frame.
Borvig chair with Mueller grip.
View riding up the line.
Nearing the summit.
Arriving at the return station.
Upper station overview.
Another view of the top station.
View down the line.
Looking up at tower 7 of 15.
Tower 2 and the lone tube tower, number 1.

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