Chair 7 – Alyeska, AK

Poma built two fixed grip quads on the lower mountain in the early 1990s.
Alpha drive terminal.
This lift connects Alyeska’s two base areas.
Upper part of the lift line.
Bottom bullwheel.
This lift received a loading carpet to help beginner skiers.
View back down the lift line.
There is a mid-station for beginners to unload.
Upper lift line.
Unload ramp number one.
View down from the mid-station.
The first few towers.
Bottom terminal side view.
Lift overview.
Riding up after the mid-station.
Unloading area number two.

3 thoughts on “Chair 7 – Alyeska, AK

  1. Snow Boys March 20, 2020 / 9:16 am

    Does anyone think this lift will eventually get a detachable upgrade?


    • Ryan Murphy March 20, 2020 / 6:49 pm

      Having never skied Alyeska, I can’t see how that would make sense. The lift is just so short, plus the expense of a midstation. While detaches are always nice, there are just so many more places for the money to go.


    • Paul December 7, 2021 / 2:04 pm

      I don’t think the length justifies it being a detachable. I believe it is fine for a fixed quad.


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