Four Points – Steamboat, CO

Top station adjacent to Four Points lodge.
Middle part of the lift line.
Looking down the line.
Lower station with counterweight tensioning.
View back down the line.
Doppelmayr added new chairs to this lift in 2012.
Tall Yan Y tower.
Nearing the top station.
Arriving up top.
Drive station and unloading ramp.
Side view of the motor room.
Looking down the line.
Loading area from above.

3 thoughts on “Four Points – Steamboat, CO

  1. Boardski September 30, 2017 / 4:36 pm

    This is actually the original Storm Peak lift. There was a Miner Denver double chair version of Four Points which ran up the tornado run and crossed under the current Four Points when it was Storm Peak from 1968 to 1992. There was also a Yan double chair called WJW which ran from the bottom of the current Storm Peak to a place slightly above Bar U E.


    • It was more efficient to build the Storm Peak Express starting from the bottom of WJW because it meant that the Drop Out trail could be lapped from the top-to-bottom lift and not require its own lift. And then cut the original triple back down to Four Points Hut so that there was still a Four Points lift. One can see how if Four Points continued climbing higher, it would have had its unload right about where the Storm Peak Express’s drive is located.

      WJW ended where the Wapiti exit trail splits off from Longhorn on Pioneer Ridge.


  2. The original Four Points lift ran up what is now Nelson’s Run. In the summer, you can actually see the concrete tower footings for the old lift running up Nelson’s Run from where it feeds into the Ego runout.


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