Gunnar Express – Seven Springs, PA

The Gunnar Express is the first detachable on the backside of Seven Springs.
The lift is a Doppelmayr CTEC Uni-GS model.
Garaventa chairs.
Tower 11.
The top terminal underskin.
Upper part of the lift line.
Middle line.
Six place chair.
View up the line.
Bottom station.
Loading area.
Both terminals on this lift are very long.
Doppelmayr Worldbook entry.

2 thoughts on “Gunnar Express – Seven Springs, PA

  1. mzg April 30, 2019 / 5:07 pm

    This lift has had significant reliability issues from day 1. I’ve been stuck on this lift for extended periods twice.


    • New England Chairlifts & Skiing August 13, 2019 / 8:10 am

      They always say they don’t make em like they used to…


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