Highlands – Big Sky, MT

This Doppelmayr Alpen Star triple services the Highlands neighborhood in Spanish Peaks.
The bottom terminal has the drive and tensioning systems.
Capacity is very low with only 44 chairs on a 3,850′ lift.
Lower half of the lift line.
Motor room and loading area.
Leaving the bottom terminal.
Riding up at tower 3.
View back down.
The upper part of the lift line is flatter than the lower.
Tower 6.
Nearing the top terminal, which is adjacent to another triple called Lone Moose.
Unloading ramp and return operator hut.
The top station and tower 10.
View down from Flat Iron Mountain.

5 thoughts on “Highlands – Big Sky, MT

  1. Donald Reif January 16, 2020 / 10:09 pm

    I’d guess this is also an alternative way back from Spanish Peaks to Andesite Mountain (combined with Thunder Wolf 4) for those who’d prefer not to use Southern Comfort 4.

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  2. Sam Wendles March 4, 2020 / 9:03 pm

    Will this lift every have ski runs going down it


    • Donald Reif March 4, 2020 / 9:30 pm

      There is an access trail to it, which I think originates at the bottom of Lewis & Clark.


      • Curtis November 12, 2020 / 2:50 pm

        According to the new map it’s a single black right under it


        • Doppelmayr FTW November 12, 2020 / 4:01 pm

          That seems to be a new trail to get to this lift. The primary way is a cat track which starts near the Sacajawea.


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