Hogsback Express – Stevens Pass, WA

Looking up from the base.
Bottom tension terminal.
Riding up.
Nearing the summit.
Top Stealth terminal.
Drive terminal.

6 thoughts on “Hogsback Express – Stevens Pass, WA

  1. Andrew December 22, 2017 / 2:29 pm

    This lift is always so crowded, and nothing in their MDP seems to be offering a solution, they’re just adding more lifts, which is just going to bring more people here, and while stuff would be more spread out, it doesn’t really solve the crowding issue. They need to upgrade this lift to a high speed six, and probably do the same with Skyline, and move these lifts to Brooks and Kehrs, and have them both start lower on the mountain. Although, Hogsback is always pretty crowded at the top too, and upgrading capacity could add to this problem. Perhaps they build another lodge?


    • Raj Thorp January 27, 2020 / 10:45 am

      Well part of the reason Hogsback is so crowded is because the lift is designed for 1000 fpm, while they usually run it only at 800. Since they just got a new high speed quad (brooks express), I don’t see them replacing this especially because they have other lifts that should be replaced such as Kerhs.


      • Donald Reif January 27, 2020 / 4:30 pm

        The upgrades of Daisy and Brooks ought to remove some of the crowds from Hogsback. Of course, Hogsback is the first of two lifts you’ll have to take if you’re headed to the back side.


  2. Donald Reif January 26, 2021 / 8:38 am


  3. Vintage Chairlifts July 24, 2021 / 11:07 am

    So, I know the grips come from Garaventa, but is everything else CTEC-designed?


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