KBRA – Sugarbush, VT

This Leitner-Poma T-Bar replaced a much older Poma platter is the same alignment.
Bottom terminal by Leitner.
Lower station below the Inverness quad.
There are two official unloading area and this one’s one tower below the top.
Top return bullwheel.
View down from the summit station.
This lift has two stop gates near the top.
Skytrac operator controls.
Summit unloading area.
A T with Mt. Washington in the background.
Towers on this lift were manufactured by Skytrac in Utah.
A hold down tower.
View down the steepest part of the line.
There’s an option unload about half way up.
An angled tower.
Mid unload.
View up the line.
Tower 6.
Tower 5.
View up the track.
Tower 3.
The first tower is a half tower.
Drive station.

6 thoughts on “KBRA – Sugarbush, VT

  1. Alex Kennedy April 28, 2021 / 12:08 pm

    How many Leitner T-Bars are in the US currently?


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