Lift 3 – Angel Fire, NM

This Riblet double used to be part of a required two lift ride out of the backside of the mountain. Now, it is a dedicated terrain park lift.
The drive bullwheel.
Motor room below the top terminal.
Upper station next to the Chile Express.
View up the lift line.
Loading at tower 1.
View up from the bottom.
Return bullwheel and counterweight.

4 thoughts on “Lift 3 – Angel Fire, NM

  1. liftnerd January 22, 2023 / 4:47 pm

    Notice how the drive has solid sheaves on one side and spoked ones on the other.


    • pbropetech January 22, 2023 / 6:19 pm

      Riblet made three different models of sheaves- the spoked ones were supplied through the late 60s or early 70s; there was a solid model which still had reinforcing spokes, sold through the late 80s; and finally the completely solid one (which itself had two models, one with the original tapered bearings and one with a single-unit sealed bearing). We mixed and matched at Baker as well, except for the sealed-bearing model which had a different axle than the older sheaves.


      • liftnerd January 22, 2023 / 6:23 pm

        Does Superior Tramway make the tapered-bearing solid and spoke-reinforced sheaves? Am I right in assuming that they don’t make the early sheaves, as this lift has others as well?


        • pbropetech January 25, 2023 / 2:58 pm

          I couldn’t tell you. When I last worked on Riblets we had plenty of spares, plus Riblet was still in business. My guess is what you see here are original Riblet sheaves from different eras.


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