Little Hawk – Eldora, CO

This lift is a Miner-Denver with Yan chairs.
Two of the three towers.
Top drive bullwheel.
Unloading area and operator house.
Tension carriage and counterweight.
Lift overview.

3 thoughts on “Little Hawk – Eldora, CO

  1. Connor Shuff May 20, 2019 / 4:57 pm

    Why do some random lifts have “upgraded” the chairs?


    • Donald Reif May 20, 2019 / 10:40 pm

      There are many different factors. One could be that chairs are old and in need of a replacement (though I am curious as to whether Little Hawk has always had these chairs or there used to be another style of chair by Miner Denver). Another could be that a resort wants some parts uniformity.


  2. Kaden K August 11, 2019 / 11:18 pm

    do yan chairs have names. I see these chairs and then the more rounded double chairs.


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