Momentum – Mad River Mountain, OH

This triple chair is a long way from its original home on Colorado’s Berthoud Pass.
The drive terminal is quite a ways above the base area.
Loading/maze area.
The top terminal.
Snowflake bullwheel.
Tower 6.
The middle part of the line is not a ski trail.
Borvig drive terminal.

One thought on “Momentum – Mad River Mountain, OH

  1. Detroit Skier August 6, 2021 / 9:01 am

    While most of the components of this lift look like the old Mines Peak triple at Berthoud Pass, CO, the upper terminal and tower heads/lifting frames look like the updated Partek designs. Borvig started using the right-angle fixed return terminal design around 1979 when Berthoud Pass installed this lift, but the twin-beam design that supports the bullwheel appears to be a Partek design change.


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