South – Kissing Bridge, NY

This Borvig double is quite long with 18 towers and 134 chairs.
A building houses the drive station. Tower one looks to be Stadeli.
Unique station architecture.
Borvig drive bullwheel.
Riding up.
Arriving up top.
Upper station.
View down at tower 17.
Tower 12.
Looking down at T8.

2 thoughts on “South – Kissing Bridge, NY

  1. The skiing stig February 8, 2021 / 4:23 am

    This lift was always owned by Kissing Bridge, but this was not the original location for this install. That was 30 mins south outside Ellicottville where this was at The Concord Ski Club, which was the original owners of KB south. South had a t bar for the longest time until 89 when concord closed due to financial difficulties and no snow making. Fun enough the drive was covered at concord as well. This originally had 15 towers and 125 chairs, but was extended and was going to be higher at the time but the cost to add that much dirt was out of the price range. The lift should have stopped at tower 15 here at south, because there is no reason to have it go through the woods for polling out again.

    South was also the original concord ski club location, until late 1970’s.


  2. BB17 April 16, 2021 / 1:56 pm

    Judging by the sheaves on it, Tower 1 is CTEC, not Stadeli.

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