Sunrise Park, AZ

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One thought on “Sunrise Park, AZ

  1. Donald Reif November 25, 2021 / 9:49 pm

    If I were overhauling the lift system and didn’t have financial constraints or whatnot, I’d make all the Yan triples into high speed quads and then doing the following:

    1. Fort Apache is rerouted to end at the top of Sunrise Peak, so it has lapping terrain.

    2. Geronimo and Eagle Feather become a single lift starting at Geronimo’s starting point but ending at Eagle Feather’s unload point.

    3. Cyclone is cut back to the mid-unload station (similar to how Silver Star cut Powder Gulch back to its predecessor high speed quad’s midstation and replaced the part above that with a T-Bar), while a second high speed quad runs from the botttom of Hurricane Ridge to Cyclone’s old return station.

    4. Spirit Ridge is realigned to end at the top of Loafer.


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