Télésiège – Ski La Tuque, QC

This lift was incorporated into a new shop building.
The loading area.
Doors are closed when the lift is not operating.
Lower station overview.
The first three towers.
View down from the summit.
Fixed top bullwheel.
Unloading area.
Upper lift line.
Tapered towers with newer lifting frames.
Upper lift line.
Another tower.
Angled tower.

One thought on “Télésiège – Ski La Tuque, QC

  1. Tyler Baroody December 9, 2022 / 3:03 pm

    My compliments to the owners and employees for making this mountain so perfect. The lifts are in pristine condition despite their age, and appear to be very well taken care of. If only all lifts were like this one and Fil-neige.


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