Transporter – Icy Strait Point, AK

This lift services as free transportation between the two main docks at Icy Strait Point.
Loading area at the Adventure Center.
CWA Omega IV 8 LWI cabin.
The Wilderness Landing station features full indoor parking.
Tower 2.
The north station.
Doppelmayr Connect controls.
Part of the lift runs through a challenge course.
View north at tower 4.
The lift line is relatively flat with minimal vertical.
Middle part of the lift line.
Passengers travel in both directions.
European-style tower.
This station is nearby the bottom terminal for another Doppelmayr gondola.
Tower 9.
Loading area.
View arriving at the return station.
The final few towers.
Riding south.
Loading area at the Adventure Center terminal.
Tower 1.
Side view of the drive station.

5 thoughts on “Transporter – Icy Strait Point, AK

  1. skitheeast August 10, 2022 / 11:49 pm

    This lift spins at a slow enough speed for easy loading and has level boarding for ADA accessibility, yet I have never witnessed a gondola stop so many times due to people being unable to load. Part of it may have been the operator being cautious and preemptively stopping the lift for passengers he thought would struggle to board, but I rode this lift 3 times a couple weeks ago and it stopped multiple times on each trip.


  2. liftnerd May 25, 2023 / 11:54 am

    What is that red thing on the platform in the first picture?


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