West Wall #23 – Vail, CO

vail 4-1-07 124
View up the line.
vail 4-1-07 128
Bottom tension bullwheel.
vail 4-1-07 129
Another view of the return bullwheel.
vail 4-1-07 147
Drive bullwheel up top.

3 thoughts on “West Wall #23 – Vail, CO

  1. Jonathan pierce August 21, 2017 / 6:35 pm

    Why did they remove this Lift. if they relocated it, where did they relocate it to


    • Donald M. Reif February 12, 2019 / 1:00 am

      They removed it because of the construction of the Sourdough Express lift, which was realigned so as to negate the tow’s purpose (transferring skiers from the Teacup Express to Two Elk Lodge).


  2. V12Tommy October 28, 2017 / 12:07 am

    I wish they hadn’t removed this lift. When they replaced Sourdough (triple) with a high speed quad, they changed the alignment so that the top terminal ended at Two Elk, making it no longer necessary for the handle tow, but they also made it much harder to get from the front to the west side of China bowl or down into Tea Cup bowl. Now the best option to get to those runs is either to hike, what seems like the world’s longest catwalk, or ski down to chair 17 (now chair 9 for some strange reason) which is often a sun baked and wind blown mess.


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