2 thoughts on “Arizona

    • ryand1407 March 12, 2023 / 8:16 am

      There were, currently unclear. I think MCP wanted their hands on Elk Ridge because they wanted to corner their market. They would love to have a few carpets and a newer, easier to load lift. Add in tubing and sledding, which does not and probably will never exist at Snowbowl due to USFS.

      The goal was definitely to create a family friendly learning area that could potentially help crowding at AZSB, and also feed into their larger resort network.

      But it’s all secondary to improvements at AZSB, Brian Head, Purgatory, now Valle Nevada…

      The town of Williams also has a lot of historical issues; really poorly managed groundwater and surface runoff, a city employee who was embezzeling hundreds of thousands of dollars, COVID probably didn’t help any red tape. Not to mention the locals don’t want to become Flagstaff 2.0 in the winter, and any improvement will be seen as a slippery slope.


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