Poma – Hurricane Ridge, WA

The top of this Poma has a floating bullwheel and small counterweight.
The return bullwheel.
The lift line has lots of different tower setups and a line turn.
The line bends to the right at towers 10 and 11.
Upper section of the line.
Straight lower lift line.
Split tower.
This was originally tower three but the two below it were removed.
The bottom drive station.
The lift is powered from inside the building.
Chrysler gasoline engine is the only drive system.
Poma controls – in French!
Lower station overview.
Breakover towers.
Middle part of the line before the turn.
This ski area is completely natural with no roads or facilities other than the lift.
The towers are quite close together because the profile changes a lot.
Turn wheel setup.
The last two towers.