Some big pieces for the Mt. Rainier Gondola at Crystal Mountain.
Peter with components for Washington’s first gondola at Crystal Mountain in 2010.

I started skiing at age four at Crystal Mountain near Seattle. From the very beginning I was as interested in the ride up as the sliding down.  When I first heard about the internet around 1997, the website I tried before any other was doppelmayr.com.  After high school, I attended Colby College in Waterville, Maine, earning a B.A. in Government in 2012.  While there, I made sure to ski every operating area in Maine and New Hampshire.  After graduation, I headed west to Wyoming to work in the lift operations department at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.  I ski 130+ days a year and you can find me this winter supervising the Sweetwater Gondola team.  You can reach me at Peter@liftblog.com.

-Peter Landsman

Disclosure: while I am an employee of the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, this blog is a hobby and all opinions expressed are my own.

98 thoughts on “About

  1. Bill Wolfe January 11, 2016 / 10:20 pm

    Nice website Peter. Congrats on the job at Jackson Hole.

    – Bill Wolfe (back from the dead)


  2. Morgan January 25, 2016 / 5:11 am

    You should link up with @funimag.Lots of interesting railways,many funicular,lots of Cableways.Spread the info.


  3. Ryan December 1, 2016 / 10:25 pm

    Peter- Great website. Really enjoy it. Just a quick correction, Snowbain Utah, you got the info for Middle Bowl & Wildcat switched around. Wildcat was put in back in 73/74 as a Thiokol Triple and Middle Bowl is a CTEC Triple was put in back in in 79. Pretty much the same lift as the 73/74 Thiokol, with a CTEC Badge :)


    • snowbasinlocal12894 August 9, 2018 / 2:36 pm

      There is a difference between the chairs from a early model triple CTEC and Thiokol. its the side poles on the sides of each chair. Wildcat (Old triple) have cylinder poles and Middle bowl’s are square. There is also a Garventa CTEC badge in the bottom lift shack of middle bowl.


  4. Jared A. D. Harlow December 7, 2016 / 1:52 pm

    Hey, I love the blog a ton! I’m currently a lift operator on Okemo Mountain in Vermont working my way into a lift mechanic position. I want to get you some pictures to fill out all the lifts on Okemo if you’d like.


  5. Karen Gill May 15, 2017 / 2:35 pm

    Peter, It’s a small world – I use to live in Teton Village and my husband worked on the montain. Any chance you can add ski areas for sale on your blog? I just listed Blacktail Mountain in Lakeside MT….awesome 3 lift & 1 handle tow, fun area people love to come back too. Am trying to get the work out! My email is karen@landstar-mt.com. Thank you!


  6. Ethan July 5, 2017 / 9:00 am

    Hi Peter,

    Great website and find myself coming here often. Do you have a spreadsheet file of all lifts in NA that you would be willing to share? I am contemplating building one with the data on your site but am wondering if that work has already been done. It something I would often find useful.


    • Peter Landsman July 5, 2017 / 9:32 am

      Hey Ethan, thanks for the compliments. I do have a centralized spreadsheet of every lift in North America – around 5,000. I have contemplated putting it online but Google Sheets doesn’t do the sorting, filtering and searching as well as Excel. I’m open to ideas though.


      • Porter January 1, 2020 / 1:17 pm

        My first ski lift ever built is going to be at the North Star Elementary as a platter (my lift company is going to be named Concord) then two of them at ABQBioPark zoo, then a few at future ski area Edgewood then one at Sandia Peak then five at another future ski area called Rocky Mountain then in other years at different states. I will start the company in 2023.


        • Porter January 1, 2020 / 2:43 pm

          And two at Ski Santa Fe.


  7. Adam July 25, 2017 / 10:16 am

    Hi Peter, Just wanted to say that I am loving your website. Thanks for keeping us in the loop with regards to all things lift-related.

    Liked by 3 people

  8. Jamie October 12, 2017 / 8:50 am

    How about European lifts.


    • Myles Svec December 26, 2020 / 7:04 pm

      I’m pretty sure Peter takes all of the pictures here and it would be a lot harder to travel to Europe for the price you can get around America. Plus you would have to fill out all the spreadsheets too for lifts and Europe. Plus he has work to do other than lift blog. Also the news roundups and articles he types out would have to be bigger and include european ski resorts. An idea I have is that you can submit pictures and spreadsheets for ski areas and other lifts not in ski areas for outside of north america and he can add them. Also I think you should be able to post your own forums about things but it would not be in the same page as where the news roundups and articles are. Also forum posts would not be added to the monthly links at the bottom of the site. Also if there is some way to add a way to edit your own comments on your own and not have to have peter edit them would be great.


      • Chris December 27, 2020 / 1:31 am

        Take a look at the lift database on https://www.seilbahntechnik.net/ It is more technical rather than the “personal” style of Peters pages. While it tries to cover the whole world it is most useful for Europe, and many lifts also have pictures. I find the interface rather clumsy, though.


      • Mr Incredible December 27, 2020 / 1:19 pm

        You can also check out http://www.skiresort.info. It is published in Germany and has comprehensive info about European lift infrastructure


      • Somebody December 27, 2020 / 2:55 pm

        I’ll drop https://www.remontees-mecaniques.net/ as another great one for Europe. Just throw the link into google translate and click on it (it’ll let you view the entire website translated into English).


        • Tyler Baroody January 9, 2021 / 5:16 pm

          And the rest of the world.


        • Chris January 10, 2021 / 1:59 am

          Yes, remontees-mecaniques is awesome, but my french sucks :)


  9. Doug Fuller October 20, 2017 / 11:57 pm

    Peter, Great post on Blizzard Mountain. Skied there 1st day of operation in 2016. keep up the good work.


  10. ullrprovides November 19, 2017 / 7:50 am

    I’ll send you an email with some pics of new Montezuma lift in Keystone.


    • Peter Landsman November 19, 2017 / 10:31 am

      Thanks! I will get down to Colorado sometime this winter to get pictures of all the new additions. Six detachables this year!


  11. erik w January 27, 2018 / 7:13 am

    Peter – thanks what seems like a great site but none of the data is populating…google database says come back later…any ideas what is happening?


    • Peter Landsman January 27, 2018 / 9:53 am

      A problem between Google and your browser. Not sure why it happens but you aren’t the first one. Try clearing your browser’s cache.


  12. tom March 1, 2018 / 8:21 pm

    Do you have an info on the new Zephyr Lift in Winter Park?


  13. Thomas E Elam March 10, 2018 / 7:27 am

    Look for major Beaver Creek investments in 2019-2021. Strawberry lift will become a gondola. The Nordic area above Bachelor Gulch will be converted to a beginner/intermediate area served by 2 or 3 high speed lifts. Those permits were approved late 2017. Lodging and food services will be added at the top of Strawberry.


  14. Steve Roebke- Snow Mountain Electric, Inc. March 18, 2018 / 9:05 am

    Enjoying the site! Currently on the Ski Patrol at Lost Trail, my real job is an electrical contractor. Wired some lifts (Yan conversions) when we lived in S. Lake Tahoe and recently rewired a lift at Lost Trail.


  15. Teddy Hubbell June 10, 2018 / 6:20 am

    Peter, you should really have a page where you post all of the updates you have made within the database. Great site!


  16. Nikolay August 7, 2018 / 12:50 pm

    Hi Peter,

    I recently moved to VA from CO and wanted to explore your entries on the VA lifts. It appears that all three links are broken. Is it possible to fix them? Thanks!


    • Peter Landsman August 7, 2018 / 12:54 pm

      Hi Nikolay, All the links are working fine for me. Try clearing your browser’s cache if you are getting a Google Docs error.


      • Nikolay August 7, 2018 / 2:08 pm

        Yup, that worked. Thanks!


  17. Tom Rider August 29, 2018 / 7:22 am

    Great resource, Peter. Just read for the first time. Any plans to add the Midwest? More than 10% of annual skier visits in US take place in Midwest.

    Liked by 1 person

  18. Bennett Dugas November 6, 2018 / 5:59 pm

    Peter, when do you think you’ll be able to add Tennessee? I don’t live there, but I’ve heard of a few lifts there


      • Duncan November 8, 2018 / 7:54 am

        Not particularly interesting, but do you plan to stop by NC as well? Not too many interesting lifts, but if memory serves, there’s a chondola, and the mountains have quite a few chairlifts at fair-style things. (Tweetsie comes to mind)


        • Peter Landsman November 8, 2018 / 7:56 am

          All lifts are interesting and they are all on my list.


  19. Gav November 21, 2018 / 8:28 pm

    Hey Peter, I love your blog. I’m still in high school and am very interested in lifts, especially surface ones. Any chance of stopping by mt Washington soon?


  20. Bennett Dugas December 11, 2018 / 3:27 pm

    I think a Lift blog Discord server would be a great addition to the blog community.

    Liked by 2 people

    • snowbasinlocal12894 April 24, 2019 / 6:41 pm

      I agree. Discord servers are a little hard to set up. I do own one. The thing is discord is primary used for gaming. But nobody said you couldn’t.


    • Somebody April 24, 2019 / 7:42 pm

      Completely agree now that skilifts.org is dead.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Cameron Halmrast September 26, 2019 / 8:49 am

        That’s what happens when you get locked out. RIP Skilifts.org.


  21. Jon December 28, 2018 / 1:31 pm

    Nice site. Ever think of adding terminal elevations to your data?

    Liked by 1 person

  22. Gordon Potts January 5, 2019 / 6:10 pm

    Very Nice but can you add West Virginia Snowshoe is the best but Canaan, Timberline and Winterplace are fine offerings.


  23. Leo Pichler February 27, 2019 / 3:45 am

    Great Blog Peter!
    I work at Doppelmayr Wolfurt (in Austria) and just wanted to tell you, how awesome ur blog is. Sometimes it surprises me, how early you know/post About certain projects! :) We once met irl, at the Jackson Hole Mt Resort. Back then you told me about your blog online and how youre fascinated by lifts. At that time i would’ve never expected to see this! A well informed, passionate and entertaining platform to enjoy lifts. Keep up the great stuff, Peter!



  24. snowbasinlocal12894 March 10, 2019 / 2:54 pm

    Is there a way to delete your own comments if you have your own wordpress account?


  25. lordbashington March 30, 2019 / 11:35 am

    I thoroughly enjoy this website. It is very informative. Thanks for all the hard work! Keep it up!


  26. Colorado_Local April 15, 2019 / 9:46 am

    Hey Peter do you think you can make a wall were we can just chat?

    Liked by 1 person

  27. Maxwell September 26, 2019 / 8:28 am

    How’s that iPhone 11 Pro?


  28. Sam Altavilla October 7, 2019 / 10:24 am

    You should consider adding a page with updates/additions you make to any pages on the website with links. Just a suggestion.


    • skiz October 7, 2019 / 10:54 am

      if you go into search and dont type anything in and search it shows latest additions

      Liked by 4 people

  29. Matthew Baumann October 29, 2019 / 11:18 am

    Hi Peter, do you have a list of the tallest towers for open-air lifts as well as the highest they get above the ground?


  30. powderforever45 November 16, 2019 / 8:35 pm

    Hey peter,

    Would it be possible to make a page with links to lift pictures you recently took?


    • Skiz November 17, 2019 / 10:55 am

      if you go into search and dont type anything in and search it shows latest additions

      Liked by 1 person

  31. Tyler December 10, 2019 / 8:33 am

    Great site! any info on the lifts at Chestnut mountain in Illinois? I think they’ve got at least 3 or 4 fixed grip triples


    • skiz December 10, 2019 / 9:48 am

      two quads, a summer only triple, and three triples.


      • powderforever45 December 10, 2019 / 4:01 pm

        Also Ski Snowstar has 2 quad lifts and 2 double lifts.


  32. Somebody December 19, 2019 / 8:08 pm

    One lift I never see mentioned is the single chair on the island of Capri in Italy (near Naples). According to this site- http://capriseggiovia.it/en/impianto.html

    “The Monte Solaro chair lift was built by the engineer Uliscia in 1952.
    The equipment was completely overhauled in 1998 by Sacmif srl and reopened in 1999. In fact, the facility is managed by Sacmif Engineering who also looks after maintenance.
    The lift has 156 chairs and with an ascent time of 13 minutes allows an opportunity to enjoy a 360° panorama of Capri. After the journey the tourist can relax at the “Canzone del Cielo”, an American bar and solarium open since the fifties.”

    There’s also several photos attached on that site. I rode this chair about a year ago and there’s now an enclosure on the bottom terminal. This chair also had one of the longest lift lines I have ever waited in. Took me 40+ minutes, but was definitely worth it for the view.


    • milanyvr December 19, 2019 / 9:18 pm

      “This chair also had one of the longest lift lines I have ever waited in. Took me 40+ minutes, but was definitely worth it for the view.”

      Grouse Mountain Skyride: 👀


  33. snowbasinlocal12894 December 29, 2019 / 7:32 pm

    Posted this awhile back but you never seemed to notice. Some information some removed chairlifts and additions at snowbasin resort utah. .

    I was told in a instagram post that the old becker and porcupine were constructed by Poma telecar

    The old porcupine platter (Before the double chair) ran from 1956-1961 Constructed by Huntington (Not 100% sure https://gyazo.com/6747a96325d3b5408a20543e9ff9f33f

    Porcupine double ran from 1961-1986 Constructed by Poma-Telecar

    Becker double chair ran from 1959-1987 Bottom drive Constructed by Poma-Telecar

    Wildcat single chair 1948-1973 Bottom drive and tensioning Constructed by Constam Also called Mount ogden chairlift

    Wildcat double 1964-1985 Bottom drive Constructed by Poma-Telecar

    Middle bowl’s top terminal was moved downhill to make way for needles lodge. Around 1998-1999

    Where i found the information




  34. Tucker Stanton February 26, 2020 / 11:47 am

    Love the website.


  35. Eric G April 2, 2020 / 4:38 pm

    I love this blog. It’s a must-read! Keep up the outstanding work.


  36. Noah Righetto May 22, 2020 / 2:38 pm

    Hi everyone, I love this site because it talks about my passion, that is, the ski lifts.
    I am Italian and I go skiing in the largest ski area in the world, the famous Dolomiti Superski.
    Do you all know him?

    Liked by 1 person

  37. oirnoir October 1, 2020 / 1:54 pm

    I love this website. One thing: add a button that directs the user to the page of the lift shown in the header of the page in case the user is interested in the lift and wants to know more.


  38. Myles Svec January 5, 2021 / 10:49 pm

    Does anyone know if this guy landing on the lift would do damage to the shut off sensors or derail the lift. The woman on the lift is a dummy if you look closely and the scream is fake.


    Posted here because I didn’t know where else to post it


    • pbropetech January 6, 2021 / 11:07 am

      Depends on how hard he lands on the chair- e.g., whether he bounces it or not. Either way, If I caught him doing that on one of our lifts I’d ask for his pass to be pulled. That could be a dangerous stunt.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Phoenix January 12, 2021 / 9:12 pm

        In the video he ducked a rope (which alone is often enough to pull a pass) to ski into the closed zone in front of the lift’s base terminal and knocked the rider of the chair off it. If any resort staff saw this they should absolutely pull this idiot’s pass.


  39. Myles Svec January 6, 2021 / 1:50 pm

    Do just D-Lines have the screen inside the operator house or do new Uni-G’s have them too?

    Here is an example. I’m pretty sure this is a Uni-G but I may be wrong.



    • Peter Landsman January 6, 2021 / 2:13 pm

      Doppelmayr Connect comes on all new Doppelmayr detachables and maybe fixed grips now too.


      • chasehausman January 6, 2021 / 2:50 pm

        Fixed grips too. One screen at the drive terminal. Just the plain console at the return/mid station(s).


  40. Myles Svec January 12, 2021 / 8:11 pm

    Peter why don’t you take pictures of rope tows? Are they just too small for pictures like carpets or do you not consider them in the category you take your pics in? Some ropetows are essential parts of ski areas.

    Liked by 1 person

  41. Myles Svec January 25, 2021 / 12:36 pm

    For some reason you can’t comment on Bear Paw MT or the Double Chairlift there. Anyone know why?


    • Peter Landsman January 25, 2021 / 12:40 pm

      Try now. I have to open comments on new pages manually and occasionally I forget.


      • Myles Svec January 25, 2021 / 1:05 pm

        It works now thank you Peter.


  42. Myles Svec January 26, 2021 / 9:36 am

    Is it possible to have bike carriers on bubble lifts for summer use? If it is how does the bike carrier fit on?


    • chasehausman January 26, 2021 / 12:24 pm

      Since most of the different styles of bike carriers use a totally different carrier than the chairs, whether they’re originally bubbles or not doesn’t really make a difference.


  43. Utah Powder Skier January 30, 2021 / 5:36 pm

    Peter, are you aware of a problem that occurs whenever I try to comment with certain regular characters, it won’t post the comment? I try resetting everything, but this problem still happens to me. I also cleared by browser of tabs, but that didn’t work either.
    Thank you!


      • Utah Powder Skier January 30, 2021 / 5:45 pm

        It happens when a website name is referenced in a comment. When I press “post comment,” it appears to be automatically deleted. When I try to post it again, it says I have already posted that, but the comment doesn’t show up. This isn’t the first time it has happened to me. I tried posting the same thing on another device and it didn’t work either.

        I hope this helps.


        • Peter Landsman January 30, 2021 / 5:49 pm

          I now see what you tried to post and approved it. The WordPress spam filter is quite good but sometimes it makes mistakes.


        • Utah Powder Skier January 30, 2021 / 5:49 pm

          Nvm, I got it to work on another device. I guess I don’t have enough patience…


        • Utah Powder Skier January 30, 2021 / 5:50 pm



  44. Myles Svec February 10, 2021 / 3:08 pm

    For some reason when I post comments sometimes they say “duplicate comment detected” or it goes through and the comment dosent post. Is there anyway to fix this?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Myles Svec February 15, 2021 / 3:37 pm

      My comments usually don’t appear after I post them if there is a link of some sorts in them.

      Liked by 1 person

  45. Myles Svec March 4, 2021 / 8:31 pm

    Peter just wanted to let you know that you forgot to turn comments on Mt La Crosse or any of its lifts.


    • Utah Powder Skier March 4, 2021 / 8:41 pm

      Titcomb, Maine has that exact same issue with the comments.


  46. Myles Svec April 11, 2021 / 5:24 pm

    When I try to post a comment on Mt Rose Nevada it will not post and not appear. Does anyone know how to fix this?


    • Peter Landsman April 11, 2021 / 5:31 pm

      They were flagged as spam. I approved them now. If this happens in the future please email me at Peter@liftblog.com and I will make sure to approve them.


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