Alpine Valley, MI

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2 thoughts on “Alpine Valley, MI

  1. Detroit Skier August 12, 2021 / 12:05 pm

    Peter, there are a few items in the list above that need adjustment:

    1. Chair 4 is the 1997 Riblet new installation based on historical trail maps. It has almost an identical installed length and similar vertical rise to Chair 5.

    2. Chair 5 is what appears to be a new Riblet installation, but it is not listed in the SAM Lift Installation Survey, so it may be a relocation or was not reported. It was installed around 1995 (it was labeled as “new” on the 1995 trail map while Chair 4 was still a double).

    3. The stats you have listed for Chair 4 from 1987 belong to Chair 8. I don’t yet have a copy of the actual 1987 SAM Lift Installation Survey (only re-typed data from another source), but my source showed this installation erroneously as a double instead of a quad. The stats are perfect for Chair 8 per online tools, and it matches up with the 1988 trail map.

    4. Chair 9 is likely a relocation, as the trails were not cut by 1973 per overhead photos, but it was in place by 1980. I put additional comments on the Chair 9 page.


  2. Randy August 24, 2021 / 12:07 pm

    Internet chat has this area sold to Wisconsin resort inc. Website states ‘under new ownership”.


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