April Super Flo – Mont-Saint-Mathieu, QC

This mid-sized ski area features lots of modern equipment including new lifts.
Side view of the late model Alpha station.
View up from the base.
Bottom station with loading conveyor.
Lower station and tower 1.
The first part of the lift line is the steepest.
Upper lift line.
View down the line.
Side view of the top terminal.
Return bullwheel in yellow.
View from the top.
Return outside controls.
Upper station overview.
The quad is currently sponsored by an oil supplier.

5 thoughts on “April Super Flo – Mont-Saint-Mathieu, QC

  1. Joe Blake May 17, 2022 / 9:50 pm

    I feel like this lift’s name isn’t very well thought out.


    • ShangRei Garrett May 17, 2022 / 10:19 pm

      What do you mean? It’s just the name of the lift sponsor. Not much for the ski area to think about


      • Joe Blake May 18, 2022 / 9:34 am

        Um…the lady who lives with me immediately rolled her eyes and mumbled something about men never paying attention to women’s issues.
        This brings up a follow-up question, though: is lift sponsorship a thing in the East? I have never seen it out here in the West. I hesitate to say it’s weird because I may just be expressing a cultural preference rooted in things I had no control over, but I also dislike sponsored sports stadiums. Merlin Olsen Field at Maverik Stadium (USU) would have a better feel without the sponsorship. Same with Alaska Airlines Field at Husky Stadium (UW). It just feels shady; even something as harmless as naming rights to a lift, the money from which the ski area can use for operating costs or employee pay or to keep tickets affordable. I understand the point of corporate partners, I just wish people didn’t constantly need recognition. More so when your company sounds like a 90s ad for feminine hygiene products.


        • ShangRei Garrett May 18, 2022 / 11:19 am

          I’m not going to get political with this, but I also live out west and agree with the fact that there’s no sponsored lift names out here. I think as far as this specific lift goes, the ski area is getting their money, so they don’t really care what the connotation is. Take that how you will; I’m not trying to argue with you, but that’s just my two cents.


        • Joe Blake May 18, 2022 / 12:43 pm

          @ Shangrei – I think you hit the nail squarely regarding the money stuff. It talks louder than two English speakers in the comment section of an internet place with many purty pictures of lifts. None of this makes me want to ski Quebec any less. Sooooo many cool looking places. I want to go to there with the skis. Preferably sooner rather than later.

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