Atlantic Gondola – Cape Smokey, NS

This gondola opened in Summer 2021 along the popular Cabot Trail scenic byway.
Loading area and rail into the parking facility.
Sigma 8 cabin.
The first two towers.
View leaving the base area.
Tower 5.
Middle part of the lift line.
View down the lower part of the line.
Tower 6.
Looking back down.
Tower 9, another three section splice tube.
View down above tower 9.
Another view of the line.
Towers 10 and 11.
Cabins passing near the summit.
The top station is the return.
Upper loading area.
Side view of the LPA terminal.
Breakover towers 12 and 13.
Cabin 5.
Downhill end of the return station.
Upper turnaround.
Top terminal overview.
LPA terminal underskin.
Cabin 22.
View down the line.
Middle lift line.
There are a total of 27 cabins moving 1,200 passengers per hour.
Tower 7.
Upper lift line.
Cabin 1.
Tower 5.
Another view of T5.
The base area.
Portal towers.
Another view of the towers 1 and 2.
Side view of the drive.
Lift line.
Lower terminal area.
Lift overview.
Another view up the line.

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