Blue – Manning Park, BC

Both chairlifts at Manning Park are among the last remaining Murray-Latta chairlifts. Blue was the first one at Manning Park, built in 1967.
The top terminal has a counterweight for tensioning.
View down the steep lift line.
Overview of the top tension station.
Another look at the lift line.
Tower 8.
Mellow lower section of the line.
Middle lift line.
Bottom terminal loading area.
View up from the drive station.
Murray-Latta plaque. The company is still located nearby but doesn’t manufacture lifts.
Vault drive unit.
Lift overview.

One thought on “Blue – Manning Park, BC

  1. MilanYVR September 2, 2019 / 12:33 am

    There is one depression tower that really shakes the chairs and towers in the middle of the lift line. With the new quad opening soon, a possible new depress tower would also be nice, this chairlift is the oldest and needs some love!


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