Cable Car – Chute Montmorency, QC

This short jig back lift provides views of a nearby waterfall.
There is no easy way to walk between the top and bottom of the falls so the lift provides a link.
The carriers are Gangloff funitel models for 30 passengers.
There is only one tower near the bottom terminal.
Beacuse the falls is on one side of the lift, both cabins face the same direction with stadium style risers for rows of passengers.
The cabins are supported from two ropes for wind stability.
Cabin plaque.
Loading area up top.
View down the line for cabin one.
There are three bullwheels up top.
The top terminal has another set of tower-like structures.
Tower one seen from the summit.
The outer rope makes two 90 degree turns up top.
Upper station building.
Loading area for cabin 1.
All three top bullwheels.
Lower station building.
Lift line overview.
A cabin facing the falls with loading doors on the opposite sides.
Cabin near the summit.
Another view of the top terminal.
Return bullwheel.
Upgraded Doppelmayr controls.
Cabin 2 ascending.
Closeup of the front of a cabin.
Dual loading doors.
View up from the bottom terminal.
Equipment in the lower station.
There are lots of different sheaves deflecting the ropes in different direction.
The top station seen from below.
Tower 1.
Door side of a cabin.

One thought on “Cable Car – Chute Montmorency, QC

  1. Blu624 March 14, 2021 / 12:11 am

    Could this be considered a funifor?


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