Capitan #4 – Ski Apache, NM

Doppelmayr supplied Ski Apache three new lifts last minute following a fire in spring 2012. This one is an Eco drive quad that replaced a damaged Riblet triple.
The loading area and lift house.
The short but steep lift line.
Lower terminal overview.
The entire lift.
Tower 7 and the top tension bullwheel.
Looking down the line.
The unloading ramp and operator house up top.

4 thoughts on “Capitan #4 – Ski Apache, NM

  1. Duncan September 25, 2018 / 11:53 am

    What’s the eco terminal? I’ve never seen it before. Is it common?


    • Collin September 25, 2018 / 1:31 pm

      It was introduced in 2008 as a cheap, compact fixed grip drive terminal for very short lifts. It is always configured as a separate drive/tension and can be used for top or bottom drive lifts. I don’t know exactly how many were built, but the model did sell well for a time. There are three I know of in the northeast, all of which are in New Hampshire. They are: Penny Pitou Quad at Gunstock, River’s Edge Double at Loon, and South Quad at Cranmore.

      While economical to build, hence the name eco, it was not a good design from a maintenance perspective. The motor room enclosure is not heated, so the only place for anyone to work is outside. I’m assuming it can also cause problems with starting the auxiliary drive. When Skytrac started building the Monarch drive, customers that would’ve bought the eco started opting for that, as it was priced competitively and had a heated motor room enclosure that a mechanic could stand inside. It was so good that Doppelmayr designed the Alpine Star, which made its debut at Snow King in 2015. This is very similar to the Skytrac Monarch, as it has the heated motor room enclosure, and is always combined drive/tension.

      The eco appears to be discontinued, but I don’t know for sure. None were built in 2017 and none are scheduled to be built in 2018. If a customer really wanted one, I think Doppelmayr might build it, but they’d probably encourage them to get an Alpine Star instead. The Alpine Star is the most popular Doppelmayr fixed grip system, but they also offer the Tri Star for longer lifts.


      • Duncan September 25, 2018 / 2:24 pm

        What about the European model? What’s that called? And are there any in the US? I’ll also ask again here, what’s the difference between the Uni-star and the Alpen-star?


        • Peter Landsman September 25, 2018 / 7:19 pm

          Uni-Star was the monopod fixed drive terminal design from 2004-2009.

          Alpen Star added tensioning and a Uni-G European style enclosure.

          There is a rare third design similar to the Uni-Star but with the Uni-G skin. Not sure what it’s called. Uni-Star II?

          There is also at one fixed Alpen Star without tensioning at Beaver Valley Ski Club, Ontario.

          17 Eco lifts were built between 2008 and 2016. Unclear if it is still offered. The current Doppelmayr drive station choices seem to be D-Line, UNI-G, Alpen Star, Alpen Star fixed and Tristar.


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