Catskill Thunder – Belleayre, NY

The State of New York built Catskill Thunder in part to match the level of service at its two other publicly-owned mountains, Gore and Whiteface, which both feature prominent gondolas.
The lift is quite long but with modest vertical rise.
View up at tower 13.
The top station.
The upper terminal houses the tensioning system.
Narrow Uni-G M terminal.
Breakover towers.
Top station unloading area and operator house.
The top terminal and tower 16.
View up at the return terminal.
Looking up the upper half of the line.
The flat lower half.
Another look up the line.
View down above tower 5.
Base area overview.
Almost the entire line is visible here.
Depression towers 1 and 2.
Lift overview.
The loading area.
Looking up line from the drive station.
Another shot of the base station.
A CWA Omega IV cabin with DT-108 grip.

One thought on “Catskill Thunder – Belleayre, NY

  1. Phoenix February 15, 2020 / 9:41 pm

    Looks like that area could have used a little more snow when these were taken haha


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