Chair 4 – Mission Ridge, WA

At one point all of Mission Ridge’s lifts were Riblet doubles with vault bottom drives.
Loading at tower 1.
Bottom station overview.
The top station with tensioning.
View down from the unload ramp.
Tower 24.
Unloading area.
View down the line.
Breakover towers.
Middle section of the lift line.
This is the only chairlift open during night skiing.
Former mid-station unload site.
Remnants of a tower that was chopped in half to free the line from the mid-unload.
Partially removed tower.
View down below the former mid.
The first few towers.
Another view of the lower part of the line.
Lower half of the lift seen from the parking lot.
Vault drive building.
Drive bullwheel.
Loading area.

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