Chair 7 – Mt. Baker, WA

This Skytrac quad chair replaced a Riblet fixed-grip quad in 2017.
Skytrac model chair with restraining bar.
Middle section of the lift line.
View down the line.
Combo assemblies on tower 10.
The top bullwheel is height adjustable and reuses the old support column.
Breakover towers with a view.
Tower 15 is integrated into the top station.
Another shot of the breakover.
This lift serves as the only access out of the White Salmon base area.
Lower section of the line.
Towers 2 and 3.
Looking up the line from the base area.
This lift is Mt. Baker’s first to run off electricity provided by a generator. Other lifts have only diesel propulsion.
The first tower and bottom terminal.
Skytrac Monarch XL.
Loading area and operator house.

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