Chairlift – Bear Paw, MT

This lift was installed by Riblet and uses a Riblet drive terminal but many components are from SLI.
Drive-tension terminal.
Counterweight tensioning and motor room.
View up the lift line.
Middle part of the line.
View down the lower lift line.
Just below the mid-offload.
Top lift shack.
SLI bullwheel on Riblet supports with Riblet sheaves.
Top station overview.
View down from near the summit.
Another look at the mid-unload.
Lift overview.

5 thoughts on “Chairlift – Bear Paw, MT

  1. Domenic H Policaro September 29, 2021 / 9:30 am

    Montana got some old school mountains ski areas like this don’t survive down here in Colorado


    • Myles Svec September 29, 2021 / 1:12 pm

      That might depend on geographical factors as most of the Colorado resorts are located close to Denver and Montana doesn’t really have many major population centers. Also population contributes to bigger and more modern resorts as more people come and more money is made.


  2. Ethan January 24, 2022 / 6:42 pm

    This is a nice little ski resort. Thanks to the owners


  3. Montana Powder Skier June 14, 2022 / 1:03 pm

    Why are some of the chairs off in these pictures?


    • Michael June 14, 2022 / 2:33 pm

      Annual testing requirements- 20% per year.


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