Quad – Sugarloaf, NB

This Doppelmayr quad replaced both a double chair and T-Bar that ran parallel.
Side view of the Alpenstar drive station.
Loading area with carpet.
View up from the bottom terminal.
Each tower has LED lighting for night skiing.
View down the line from near the summit.
A heavily-loaded tower.
Upper lift line and tower 10.
Top station overview.
Outside operator controls at the return terminal.
View from the top ramp.
Return bullwheel.
Another view of the top.
Tower 9.
Middle part of the lift line.
Tower 4.
View up the line.
Lower lift line.
Lower station overview.
Loading area and motor room.


2 thoughts on “Quad – Sugarloaf, NB

  1. Tyler N October 29, 2022 / 5:47 pm

    Anyone know why only some modern Doppelmayr Alpenstar’s have those chairlift catchers (for a lack of a better word) right before the top bullwheels? I see them all of the time on European Doppelmayr fixed grips but seem somewhat rare in North America


    • Nicolas Dunn-Plourde November 2, 2022 / 6:22 pm

      I work at Mont-Bechervaise in Gaspe. We have the same chairlift and it`s for measuring the speed and wind direction.


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