Comet Express – SilverStar, BC

A number of parallel lifts were all replaced with this six-pack in 2002.
Long lift line seen from near the bottom terminal.
Another look up the line.
Tower 2.
Bottom return terminal with tensioning.
This entire terminal moves with the tensioning so the parking rail is also adjustable.
Side view of the bottom terminal.
View back at tower 12.
Top few towers.
The new gondola terminates nearby.
Side view of the double stack Omega drive station.
Another view of the drive station.
Lift line seen from the summit.
Another look down line.
Middle part of the lift line.

One thought on “Comet Express – SilverStar, BC

  1. Donald Reif October 17, 2019 / 10:58 am

    Comet Express directly replaced the Vance Creek Express, one of the two Yan HSQs (the other, the Putnam Creek Express, was replaced with the Powder Gulch Express and Home Run T-Bar), and it also replaced the Yellow Chair. The Yellow Chair ran up Big Dipper and had a mid-unload station where it crossed the Main Street Skiway.

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