Devil’s Fiddle – Killington, VT

Killington’s first quad chair was retired circa 2008.
Breakover towers.
The top station is now used for private functions.
View down the line.
Lift line seen from Sunrise Village.
View up the line.
Lift line overview with comm line up but haul rope down.
Rope spooled up and left nearby.
Rare quad leg Yan return station.
Counterweight removed.
Bullwheel and operator house with controls gone.
Another view of the bullwheel carriage.
Yan nameplate.
Chairs idle nearby.
Yan hubcap sheaves.

5 thoughts on “Devil’s Fiddle – Killington, VT

  1. New England Chairlifts And Skiing August 8, 2018 / 6:46 pm

    Poor old lift, wish someone would save it. I love how they converted the top drive into a minibar, really funny and cool. I guess it will just sit here and rust away for now…


    • Collin October 21, 2018 / 9:52 pm

      This was not a very smart installation in the beginning. The original intent was for it to be a way to the rest of the mountain for people coming out of Sunrise and Parkers Gore without having those crowds slam the then Bear Mountain Triple. That’s why it started in that weird location. When that got cancelled, it left this oddly placed lift that was inaccessible from the lodge and only directly served two trails. It rarely ran for many years before finally being taken out of service in 2008. I doubt this lift would’ve been able to run for much longer even if it was needed as it was a bad-era Yan. Powdr chose to scrap the Skye Peak Quad rather than relocate it and it was one year newer but with higher hours than this lift.


  2. maxreznik February 10, 2020 / 5:41 pm

    passed by it last weekend. its kinda cryptic, laying there abandoned, with the name Devils fiddle. Thin trees are growing near the base of the lift, and the chairs are there like in the photo. it would be cool to have one. The bear mountain quad isnt very crowded most of the time because most people dont want to go on Bear’s double blacks so they just go on Skye Peak Quad.


  3. Max Hart May 14, 2020 / 12:23 pm

    I think the uphill side of Tower 14 (pics 1 & 2) might have the largest Yan catwalk/rocker assemblies ever – 12 sheaves instead of 8 or 6 like the other assemblies of that style.


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