Devil’s Head, WI

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One thought on “Devil’s Head, WI

  1. Andrew X January 7, 2021 / 12:50 pm

    Big fan of your blog, Peter! I’m happy to see that Devil’s Head made it onto your lift database. Few things:
    1) 1 Quicksilver Express’s vertical rise and length are wrong – this charlift should be close to lift #3 and #4 in height and length.
    2) According to the Doppelmayr database, Lift 3 Glacial Express is 152 m / 499 ft while Lift 4 is only 146 m / 479 ft.
    3) Do you know why 3 different terminals were used? I noticed that Lift 4 were quite different from the other 2, but didn’t notice that 1 and 3 were different until you pointed it out.


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