Disney Skyliner THS – Walt Disney World, FL

The Hollywood Studios line is themed differently at each end.
This D-Line terminal matches the Hollywood retro theme found throughout the park entrance area.
Loading area at Hollywood Studios.
Tower 12 directly adjacent to the terminal.
View of the station area.
Big sheave assemblies for a big pitch change.
The line is lower over the parking lot than in the wooded section.
Side view of the Hollywood Studios station and generator.
A tower with two cabins crossing.
View towards the Tower of Terror.
Looking towards Trinidad.
Over the Hollywood Studios parking lot.
Remote section between the hub and Hollywood Studios.
A hefty tower base.
Compression assemblies on tower 6.
View down the middle of the line.
Tripod tower.
Crossing Victory Way.
Skyliner signage.
Station fit into the Trinidad hub building.
The drive station.
Parking rails.
The parking appears to be automated.
Split between the main and secondary loading areas at Trinidad.
Cabins with close spacing at Hollywood Studios.
Secondary loading turn with two stationary spots at Hollywood Studios.
Doors stay open in the turnarounds but passengers are not allowed to ride around.
Transfer rails between the lift and parking areas.

One thought on “Disney Skyliner THS – Walt Disney World, FL

  1. Donald Reif September 30, 2019 / 11:25 am

    Outbound journey from the hub to Hollywood Studios:

    Return journey back to the hub:


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