East Peak – Caberfae Peaks, MI

Look closely and you can see a Hall tower left over from the lift this replaced.
This is the second modern Doppelmayr lift for Caberfae.
View riding up the line.
Combo assemblies on tower 4.
Tower 5.
View back down.
T6 with night lighting.
Arriving at the top terminal located on man made fill.
Return bullwheel up top.
Another view of the top terminal on East Peak.
View down near the summit.
Lower lift line.
Tower 2.
Alpenstar drive station.
Loading area and lower lift line with the top not visible.

One thought on “East Peak – Caberfae Peaks, MI

  1. Calvin January 7, 2023 / 7:49 pm

    Why is the chair spacing so messed up?


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