Estes Bowl – Big Creek, OH

This short but steep T-Bar services the main slope at this private ski area.
View up the line.
Bottom terminal.
This is the return station.
Breakover towers.
Tower 4.
The unloading area.
Top terminal.
This station has the drive and tensioning systems.

3 thoughts on “Estes Bowl – Big Creek, OH

  1. Detroit Skier January 26, 2022 / 3:13 pm

    Per a T-Bar aficionado on Snowjournal 2.0, this is actually a used Roebling T-Bar moved from an unnamed area in Michigan, with year also unidentified. The tower design, sheaves, and T-Bar hangers are all quite different from pics of existing Sneller T-Bars on this site and others. Also, the Sneller length stats seem way off. Maybe they doubled the length back then since that is about how long the haul rope is? Anyway, this may be the last Roebling T-Bar in operation.


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