Falcon Flyer – Whiteface, NY

This carpet load fixed quad replaced a Riblet triple in 2020.
Monarch drive station.
Lift overview.
View up the lift line.
The last two towers.
Most of the lift seen from the Wilmington trail.
Side view of the upper terminal.
View down the line.
Tower 4.
Upper half of the line.
Chairkit loading conveyor.
Side view of the drive station.
Skytrac quad chair with foot rests.
Riding up the line.
Arriving at the summit.
Top bullwheel.
Another view of the bottom station.

One thought on “Falcon Flyer – Whiteface, NY

  1. icefaceny November 10, 2021 / 11:15 am

    The chairs swing out significantly at the bullwheel, although it might just be a visual thing because the chairs look so wide.


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