Game Creek Express #7 – Vail, CO

This six pack replaced a 1985 Doppelmayr detachable quad for the 2022-23 ski season.
Loading area and maintenance rail.
View leaving the bottom terminal.
This lift is the only way out of Game Creek Bowl.
Arriving at the top terminal, which sits next to the top of Sun Down Express #17, built at the same time.
Unloading area.
Side view of the drive station.
Wood terminal under cover.
Tower 14.
Middle part of the lift line.
Lower lift line in Game Creek Bowl.
View up the line.
Tower 4.
Lift line overview.
The entire lift.
Loading station.
View back down the line.
Leitner-Poma tower head.

2 thoughts on “Game Creek Express #7 – Vail, CO

  1. Donald Reif April 2, 2023 / 10:58 am

    Can’t think of too many other lifts that have five combi towers in a row like this (the quad only had three; towers 6 and 7 weren’t combis back then). The other one I can think of that’s like this is Expo.


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