Gentle Ben – Mount St. Louis Moonstone, ON

This beginner lift was built by Blue Mountain Lifts but has Poma chairs.
View down the short lift line.
Tower 4.
Upper part of the line.
Lower terminal overview.
Blue Mountain drive station with tensioning.
Lift overview.
Loading area.

3 thoughts on “Gentle Ben – Mount St. Louis Moonstone, ON

  1. Ty November 14, 2022 / 8:48 pm

    Safe to say, Leitner did a far better job copying Poma Alpha terminals, like the Pineault quad at camp fortune, than BM lifts did. This lift looks like its straight out of China(ccp) with how terribly it was copied haha


    • ryand1407 March 9, 2023 / 7:34 pm

      Whats funny to think about is this was installed in 91, then Poma installed a 6-pack in 96, then they bought another BM in in 97. Although it’s more of an original/doppelmeyer inspired design.

      I wonder if the reason the 2nd BM lift wasn’t another Alpha clone is that Poma said “you’ll be cutting that out now.”


      • Andy March 9, 2023 / 8:34 pm

        I suspect actually that MSLM removed the 1987 BM Lifts Quad from Turkey Shoot in 1996 to install the Adventure 6 (Poma) , then the following year reinstalled the 1987 Turkey Shoot BM Quad as the Outback Quad. Two years later the Promenade Doubles (Borvig) were ripped out and the hill lengthened and raised for another Poma Six Pack. See Peter’s spreadsheet on the MSLM page to understand the sequence of building.


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