GMVS – Sugarbush, VT

This relocated T-Bar is the second lift to form a race training facility for the Green Mountain Valley School.
Slanted towers.
Bottom terminal with drive unit.
Another view of the drive terminal.
The entire lower GMVS lift.
Tension station up top.
Unloading at tower 5.
View down the line.
An angled tower and two Ts.

3 thoughts on “GMVS – Sugarbush, VT

  1. Maxwell August 15, 2019 / 10:06 pm

    Is this LST?


    • reaperskier August 16, 2019 / 7:51 am

      No its a doppelmayr.


  2. Teddy's Lift World March 7, 2021 / 9:33 pm

    Ever since KBRA opened, I haven’t seen this lift run at all. The new T-Bar has a mid unload at the top of this lift essentially rendering this lift useless. My theory is that once the expansion on Inverness Peak happens, Sugarbush could relocate this lift there and add additional towers as necessary.

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