Gold Coast Funitel – Squaw Valley, CA

Towers 1 and 2.
Bottom terminal building.
View up towards Gold Coast.
Tower 1.
Terminal closed up for the summer.
Tower 3.
Turntable at the turnaround allowing cabins to be parked in the middle of the terminal.
Arrival side of the top station.
Each hanger features four detachable grips.
Top station turnaround.
Top terminal building at Gold Coast.
Tower and cabin.
Downhill side of the top station.
Cabins passing.
Gold Coast building.
Middle part of the line.
Protect Our Winters livery.
Cabins inside the top station.
Side parking area.
Toyota cabin livery.
Upper part of the line over Big Blue.
Arrival side at the top.
Breakover towers.
Tower 9.
A tower from above.
Cabins pass tower 6.
Tall tower.
View down the lift line.
Lower portion of the line.
A huge section of rock had to be blasted away to make room for such a large lift.
View up the line with cabins out.
POW and Toyota liveries.
Cabin departing the bottom station.
Acceleration equipment.

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