Gondola – Sunshine Village, AB

sunshine 002
This gondola is the primary access to Sunshine Village for skiers, workers and equipment.
sunshine 004
Loading area and parking rail.
sunshine 005
Cabin parking rail.
sunshine 016
Angle station with no loading or unloading.
sunshine 021
Another view of the angle station.
sunshine 044
The second mid-station has loading in both directions at Goat’s Eye Mountain.
sunshine 073
The top drive terminal in Sunshine Village.
sunshine 077
Village station with vault drive below.
sunshine 201
Another view of the drive terminal.
sunshine 222
Goat’s Eye Station. The terminal was built inside the terminal building from Sunshine’s original gondola.
sunshine 224
Tower 25 and CWA Omega IV cabins.
sunshine 271
Lattice towers were also re-used from the former VonRoll gondola.
sunshine 362
Inside Goat’s Eye with more cabin parking.
sunshine 365
View down stage II.
sunshine 369
View up the line.
sunshine 377
Top view of the bottom station.


3 thoughts on “Gondola – Sunshine Village, AB

  1. Meir K. January 25, 2020 / 2:41 pm

    Omega Cabins look really good with lattice towers! : )


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