Green – Nub’s Nob, MI

This Riblet quad started as a center pole model but has received many upgrades.
New bottom station.
Loading area and lift line.
This is the main workhorse lift from the base lodge.
2000s style Riblet tower.
View back down the steep lift line.
Towers 8 and 9.
Tower 14 is a portal style.
Upper terminal overview.
Another view of the drive station, built in the 1970s.
Breakover towers.
Two towers connected.
Lower lift line.
Side view of the return terminal.
Lift line shot.

One thought on “Green – Nub’s Nob, MI

  1. afski722 January 31, 2020 / 10:22 pm

    The Green Lift was extensively overhauled and modified in 1996. The lift received new bail-style chairs replacing the original center-pole chairs. New drive motor, drive controls, tower heads, and new lower terminal with hydraulic tensioning replacing the counterweight design. The portal tower 14 was added at this time as well.
    The lift was repainted in 2019 into a brighter shade of Green than in the past.
    As said, this is the workhorse lift of the ski area and runs every day and night.


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