Huser – Harper Mountain, BC

This cool Doppelmayr center pole triple is the longest lift built at Harper and opened in 1977.
The lift is named after co-founder of the resort Peter Huser.
Bottom drive station seen from above.
Concrete counterweight below the bottom terminal.
The entire lower station slides on railroad-style tracks.
View down the first pitch.
Riding up the middle part of the line.
A ride up the 4,400′ line takes about ten minutes.
Nearing the summit.
Unloading ramp.
Fixed bullwheel up top.
Another look at the top terminal.
View down from the upper station.
Middle part of the line.
A depression tower about half way up.
View up an empty lift line.
Lower part of the lift.
View up the line.
The bottom part of the line is mostly flat.
Loading area and motor room.
Riding up.
A third of the way up.

2 thoughts on “Huser – Harper Mountain, BC

  1. skier72 September 2, 2019 / 11:25 am

    This lift (I believe) is the last Doppelmayr triple with CP chairs. The only other CP triple chairs I know of are Canadian Chair at Fortress (abandoned), and the Easter Chair at Kimberly (With New Chairs from Nakiska).


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