Kenny’s Parkway – Kennywood, PA

This lift was built to bring guests from a hillside parking lot to the Kennywood park entrance.
The bottom drive station is adjacent to the ticket office.
When this lift operates, it is free.
Unfortunately the upper parking lot and lift are only needed a few days a year, if at all.
View up the line.
The lift crosses over a middle parking lot without a loading station.
Upper parking lot station.
Loading in both directions.
Breakover towers.
“Tower” 9.
The top station has no operator house.
View down towards the actual amusement park.
The top station is in the middle of a parking lot.
Side view of a CTEC tower.
Tall towers.
Side view of the lift line.

2 thoughts on “Kenny’s Parkway – Kennywood, PA

  1. skier72 August 19, 2020 / 8:38 pm

    This lift seems fairly useless…


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