Lift 2 – Angel Fire, NM

Lift 2 is one of the original lifts from Angel Fire’s opening season, which included a total of five lifts.
View up the lift line.
Tower 2.
Vault drive.
Side view of the bottom bullwheel.
Arriving at the unload ramp.
Like many early Riblets, the top bullwheel is well above the unload point.
View down the line.
Middle part of the lift.
Another view of the lift line.

One thought on “Lift 2 – Angel Fire, NM

  1. Robin May March 1, 2019 / 9:23 am

    there were only 3 lifts when Angel Fire opened. This was one. Another was started on water tower hill but then moved. There was no connection to the back basin when the Gondola was cancelled and only connected by a bus ride until 79-80 when the two Riblet triples were installed. This lift,#2 has half the hangers it once had and until lift #1 was erected in it’s original place (79), it had a high midway unload ramp at tower 5. Lift #1 was eventually moved to it’s present location on Dreamcatcher in 96


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