Lower – Pass Powderkeg, AB

This was the second of two T-Bars to open at the the Crowsnest Ski Club and services an area from the town of Blairmore up to the base lodge.
Unloading at tower 5.
Doppelmayr ’80s style tower 2.
Loading area and drive terminal.
Fixed Doppelmayr drive unit.
Top terminal with counterweight tensioning.
Slanted tower.
View up the lift line.
Another tower view.
Springbox and grip.
View down an empty line.
Tension return bullwheel.
In 2020, Doppelmayr added three towers and moved the top terminal further uphill.
Top terminal in its new location with new sheaves.
Side view of the new return site.
One of two new towers for the extension.
Tower 8.
The lift used to end about where this photo was taken from.
A third new tower was added between old towers.
New tower 4.
Lift line with a mix of new and old equipment in 2022.

One thought on “Lower – Pass Powderkeg, AB

  1. skier72 December 13, 2022 / 7:11 pm

    I have to say, this is one of the best-looking 1980s Doppelmayr t-bars out there. The new paint job on the top terminal looks great.


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