Massif Express – Le Massif, QC

The Massif Express opened in 2010 as an infill lift between existing terrain.
The top station has the large drive components.
Design capacity is 2,800 passengers per hour but is nowhere near that as of 2019.
Cabins from the bottom actually descend into the top terminal due to terrain.
There is a middle station approximately one quarter of the way up the mountain.
Cabins transiting the angle station.
A CWA Omega IV 8 LWI.
Another view of the guidage.
Arriving at the mid. There is only one haul rope for both sections.
Cabin name plates.
Heavy side of the middle station.
Towers near the summit.
The last tower and top terminal.
Unloading area.
The bottom terminal next to a one year newer pulse gondola.
Lower part of the intermediate station.
Side view of the top part of the lower section.
Another view of the mid station.
A three section splice tower.
Towers near the top.
There is an exit rail for cabins at the drive but no parking rails.
Bottom station overview.
Side view of the UNI-G station, one of eight at the resort.
Turnaround at the return.
Tower 1 and another small maintenance rail.
Tower 2.
Underside of the mid station.
View up the upper section.
Another look at the intermediate terminal.
Top part of the mid.
A set of large combo assemblies.
View down towards the St. Lawrence.

2 thoughts on “Massif Express – Le Massif, QC

    • zjroeber March 17, 2019 / 10:35 pm

      Yeah I was going to say the same thing. That’s a whole lot of UNI-G!

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